Review: One Month of Living with LifeX in Copenhagen

LifeX Copenhagen Living

As a narrow window of sanity opened during the summer of 2020, the opportunity to move to Copenhagen arose. I was well-versed on the city’s housing situation, which even Danes find tough to contend with. Needless to say that, as a self-employed non-resident, the only words that popped up in my head were “get a fucking move on”. 

Not long into the search from my then-bedroom in South London, I stumbled across LifeX on the Copenhagen subreddit. When I landed on the website, there was a rare and beautiful “hell yes” moment. And after an introductory call the following week (which I prepared for like a military exercise), Operation Escape to Denmark was ready to go ahead. 

Having lived in one of LifeX’s apartments for a month, now is a good time to share a review. First, however, let’s start with the one question you’re probably asking… 

What is LifeX? 

LifeX is a ‘co-living’ concept with a presence in Copenhagen, Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Paris and London. But instead of a dingy student residence with sticky kitchen floors and 3am fire alarms, you get a fully-furnished, spacious and well-lit apartment. The idea behind LifeX is to not only give you a high quality of life, but help you settle into a new city with minimal frictions. 

Why I think LifeX is worth the money 

For my apartment in Østerbro, I pay DKK 9,000 per month – which equates to around £1,090/$1,420 per month. And while that’s expensive on the face of things, it’s not *that* pricey when you consider everything included in the price. 

First of all, everything is included in that monthly fee. Utilities, soap, cleaning(!), Netflix, etcetera. I only need to pay for my groceries, which costs about the same in Denmark as it did in the UK. 

My apartment is also centrally-located and I can walk everywhere within 30 minutes. Therefore, I do not need to pay for a monthly public transport pass. And despite being in inner Copenhagen, my neighbourhood is peaceful and a good night’s sleep is guaranteed. 

It’s also worth noting that housing in Copenhagen is expensive anyway. I would either pay around the same price if not more for a studio in the city centre, without bills included. And if I lived in the suburbs, transport would also need to be factored in alongside everything else. As far as I’m concerned, my 9,000 kroner monthly fee is the vast majority of my living costs paid in one go. 

Other moving problems that LifeX solves 

Aside from eliminating the stress of a lengthy apartment search, finding a place before moving meant that I could register as a resident in Denmark straight away. This then allowed me to get my health card, digital services login, and basically function as a normal human being. 

LifeX has also helped with combatting the challenge of meeting people in a city where I knew a grand total of zero people. In addition to living with like-minded people from around the world, the community meet-ups are also beneficial and enjoyable. Well, the one I have attended was anyway. But I’m sure the others will be too, once the world decides to stop ending. 

Are there any cons to living with LifeX? 

Some people may complain about the price, but as mentioned before I think you get good value for money. Aside from that, I don’t really have any complaints. Problems have been dealt with efficiently and they have also sought to help where possible with factors they have no control over, such as builders and a pandemic.

Would I recommend LifeX to people moving to Copenhagen? 

As you can gather from the 546 words typed before this, the answer to that question is yes. Even if you choose to find another apartment when you get here, the minimum stay of three months at least enables you to get your foot in the door. 

The biggest draw to living with LifeX, however, is the feeling of togetherness. Even though I have only met a few of their employees, I feel like I know all of them personally thanks to their regular engagement via email, in the members’ app and on Slack. It has also been nice to meet members living in other apartments, as well as feeling like part of the local community. 

Could I find somewhere cheaper in Copenhagen? Yeah, maybe. But at the same time, why would I want to give up the experience I’ve had with LifeX so far? Living in a beautiful apartment in a neighbourhood I love, having a decent social life (and the opportunity to spend time on my own if I want to), and feeling like a valued member of a community are all priceless. 

Disclaimer: This blog post is not sponsored by LifeX. All opinions expressed here are my own, as are the experiences documented and research gathered.

Published by Danny Maiorca

Danny is a freelance writer living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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