Hiking the Amarminoen Route in Copenhagen

Amarminoen Copenhagen

In October 2020, a new hiking route called Amarminoen was opened in Copenhagen. I would say that it’s popular amongst locals and visitors alike, but there are no visitors right now. Because, you know, the 2020s. 

The hike is located on the island of Amager. And I’m going to be honest – before moving here, most of my visits to Amager were transiting either to or from the airport. But as it turns out, I was missing out on some of the capital’s best walking trails. 

Amarminoen is 24 kilometres long and mainly goes through Naturpark Amager – a nature reserve on the island. Which, by the way, is 10 times bigger than Central Park in New York City. So, if that ever pops up in a pub quiz, you’re welcome.  

Anyway, yeah. I did the hike with a friend, and we set out at around 9 am. As this is Denmark in January, there naturally was no sign of the sun wanting to peek through a thick layer of grey clouds. Yet oddly enough, it felt warm despite only being 3°C. Might be something to do with wearing a puffy Arctic jacket and Icelandic sweater. I guess we’ll never know. 

Of all the dumb reservations I had about moving to Copenhagen, not having access to nature was by far the most stupid. I’ve said this before, but having forests, the sea and wildlife that isn’t a fox trying to tip over my bin within touching distance is my favourite thing about living here. 

Beaches are not getting included on that list, because I cannot stand them. And not even a Danish winter will change my mind. 

The Amarminoen hike takes around seven-and-a-half hours to complete. Your final stop is Dragør, a lovely fishing town with the stereotypical yellow Danish houses. Kind of like Legoland, but stepping on one isn’t going to damage your foot beyond repair. 

We arrived at Dragør just after sunset. Mainly because we were distracted by the sunset. 

While on the hike, I also realised how much I had been sleeping on Denmark before. Besides Copenhagen, most of my Nordic explorations have been cruising along fjords in Norway or exploring untouched Swedish islands. And while I miss both countries, in a way I’m happy that I can focus more of my attention on discovering where I live. 

Are Danish landscapes as jaw-dropping as the mountains of Northern Norway, or exhilarating like the Golden Circle in Iceland. No. But they are wholesome, accessible, diverse, and uniquely Danish. 

To be honest, even if I can travel abroad this summer, I’m not sure that I want to. As much I love Copenhagen, Denmark has so many hidden gems. And I guess helping the local economy also helps. 

So yeah. It looks like I’ll be doing a lot of staycations this year, with or without a vaccine. Obviously, I will write about them on here. Obviously, I will share my photos on Instagram. And obviously, you’ll get all of this while I’m draped from head-to-toe in various Scandinavian outdoor clothing brands. 

Some useful takeaways for you: 

  • Go for a walk in your local area. You might surprise yourself. 
  • If you come to Copenhagen in the future, allocate some time to explore the surrounding areas too. 
  • Hiking provides a longer-lasting high than retail therapy. But buying lots of hiking gear is still therapeutic. 
  • Follow my Instagram to see all the pictures from my travels in Denmark.

Whether you live in Copenhagen or elsewhere, what are your favourite hiking trails in your local area? Leave a comment below.

Published by Danny Maiorca

Danny is a freelance writer living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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