The 3 Best Swedish Day Trips from Copenhagen

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When you move to or visit Copenhagen, one of the most striking things you’ll notice is how close the city is to Sweden. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people to live on one side of the Øresund Bridge but commute over to the other

Even if you choose to stay in the Danish capital, Scandinavia’s largest country is easy enough to get to. And while Stockholm is perhaps a little too far for a day trip, Sweden has plenty to offer a bit closer to Copenhagen. 

Here are three of the best Swedish day trips you can make from Copenhagen. 


Malmö is probably the most popular Swedish day trip from Denmark’s largest city, and its appeal is obvious. Just 30 kilometres from Copenhagen, Sweden’s third-largest city is a hotbed of architectural innovation, entrepreneurship and great food. 

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In terms of must-see sights, the obvious one is Scandinavia’s tallest building: the Turning Torso. Besides that, you’ve also got to check out the abundance of Swedish fashion labels whose stores line the main shopping streets. And why not do as the locals do and visit the open-air bath on Ribersborgstranden?

For a vast range of culinary experiences, your best bet is to head over to Gustav Adolfs Torg. 

How to Get to Malmö From Copenhagen 

Øresundståg from Copenhagen Central Station: Every 20 minutes or so; journey time 35-50 minutes. A ticket costs 91 DKK one way; you can buy your return ticket from the central train station in Malmö. Border checks happen frequently, so remember to bring your passport! 


Often overlooked for Malmö, Lund is a sleepy university town and one of the oldest cities in Sweden. Here, you’ll find cosy cobbled streets, a dominating cathedral and laid back vibe helped massively by Lund University’s 40,000+ students. 

Like Copenhagen, Lund is a very bicycle-friendly city, and you’ll often see the locals zipping around on one of these trusted two-wheel stallions. If you want to do likewise, you’ll find plenty of rental spots to do so. 

While Lund is small enough to do in a day, you might well find yourself wanting to stay for longer. If that’s the case, you can base yourself in Malmö – which isn’t too far away. Alternatively, you’ll find a broad range of accommodation in the city itself. 

How to Get to Lund from Copenhagen

Take a direct train from Copenhagen Central Station. The journey time is around 55 minutes; a single-journey ticket costs 109 DKK. 


Okay, so visiting Gothenburg from Copenhagen in a day is pushing things a bit. However, Sweden’s second-largest city has so much to offer that you cannot afford to miss out. 

Gothenburg is home to vibrant nightlife, fantastic seafood experiences, and some of Europe’s most pristine nature. In fact, you could go as far as arguing that Sweden’s West Coast is one of the continent’s most underrated spots. 

Gothenburg has a large archipelago just outside the city, divided into northern and southern parts. Öckerö is one of the most accessible and offers both hiking and culinary experiences worth making the trip for. 

Add all of the city’s experiences with some of Sweden’s friendliest locals, and you might find yourself never wanting to leave. 

How to Get to Gothenburg from Copenhagen

You can take the train, which takes around three and a half hours. Prices vary; book in advance to get a good deal. 

Travelling via bus is also an option, and Gothenburg’s main coach station is right next to the train. FlixBus is a good option if you’re looking for inexpensive tickets on comfortable transport. 

You can also fly to Gothenburg from Copenhagen, which takes roughly 45 minutes. However, tickets are often pricier, and you’ll need to factor in that Landvetter Airport is around 30-45 minutes from the city centre.

Have you visited Sweden from Copenhagen? Where would you recommend visiting and why? 🇸🇪

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Danny is a freelance writer living in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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