Meet Danny Maiorca

Hi, my name is Danny and I run The Copenhagen Blog. I grew up in the UK before moving to Copenhagen in September 2020. 

Having travelled as far north as the Norwegian Arctic and west as Greenland, the whole Nordic region holds a special place in my heart. But nowhere do I feel more at home than in the Danish capital. 

On this blog, you can expect to find posts about my life as an expat in Denmark. I will cover Danish culture and language, as well as sharing my favourite spots as a local in Copenhagen. 

For the time being, this website will focus primarily on the Danish capital. But over time, that could well change. I plan to travel more within Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Finland once travel restrictions are lifted –and share useful guides related to those parts of the world when I do. 

My mission with this blog is to reveal everything I learn about Copenhagen and Denmark – both the good and bad. I also want to help others moving here with resources that I wish had existed, while inspiring others to go after what they want in life. 

So, How Did I Get Here? 

Growing up, the only knowledge I had about Denmark was that Carlsberg claims to be the best beer in the world. But in 2015, my curiosity was sparked while considering a Master’s degree. I was particularly interested in a programme at Aarhus University and even started taking the first steps towards learning Danish. 

Despite never pursuing that degree, I was intrigued. Around three months after graduating, I embarked on my first solo trip – an early autumn getaway to Copenhagen. I still remember vividly getting hit by that crisp Scandinavian air after getting off the plane, along with the wind while walking along Nyhavn for the first time. 

More than anything else, I felt a sense of belonging for the first time in my life. I visited Copenhagen another seven times after that first trip and travelled extensively throughout the Nordics as well. 

Despite initially moving to Sweden in 2019, I knew deep down that I wanted to settle in Denmark. One year later, I moved to Copenhagen after a stint back in the UK.

Since moving here, I have started seeing what else Denmark has to offer beyond its pulsating capital. And each time I do, my emotional connection with this country grows deeper. 

I am now 100% convinced that there is no place on earth where I fit in better – despite having neither blonde hair nor blue eyes. I have grown to appreciate the egalitarian society, focus on friends and family (often with good food), and emphasis on working hard but at the same time enjoying life. 

A Little More About Me 

  • Despite living most of my life in the UK, I was born to an American mother and an Italian father. 
  • For my Bachelor’s Degree, I studied Sports Journalism at Southampton Solent University.
  • My favourite season is autumn, followed by winter. To me, there’s something magical and peaceful about the colder, darker months. 
  • Outside of Copenhagen, my favourite Nordic city is Gothenburg. My famous country is Norway. 
  • If I had to live outside of the Nordic region, I would pick the Netherlands. 
  • Away from this blog, I work as a freelance technology writer. So yeah, my keyboard gets through a lot of typing every day. 
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