How to Spend a Weekend on Møn

When you look at a map of Denmark, you might well mistake Møn for being part of Sjælland. But that link you see is a bridge, and the island’s discreteness seems to have kept the tourists away.  Møn is easy to get to from Copenhagen but feels worlds apart from the Danish capital. It’s alsoContinue reading “How to Spend a Weekend on Møn”

20 Cool Places to Visit in Denmark Outside of Copenhagen

Whenever you think of Denmark, Copenhagen is likely the first — and sometimes only — city that springs to mind. And as dynamic as the country’s capital is, this small Northern European gem has a lot to offer elsewhere. If you’re moving to Copenhagen, getting out and checking each of these is an absolute must.Continue reading “20 Cool Places to Visit in Denmark Outside of Copenhagen”

5 of the Best Danish Day Trips From Copenhagen

As much as I love living in Copenhagen, sometimes I just want to escape the city for a little bit. Only for a day or so, though; after that, I begin to miss it. For the first nine months or so after moving to Copenhagen, the pandemic confined me to travelling almost exclusively within Denmark.Continue reading “5 of the Best Danish Day Trips From Copenhagen”

Reasons to Day Trip to Dragør From Copenhagen

Although Copenhagen has enough to keep even the fussiest traveller occupied for days on end, escaping the big city life for a bit never hurt anyone. And since this is Scandinavia, peace is never far away.  One popular day trip from the capital is Dragør, a quaint fishing village at the foot of Amager Island. Continue reading “Reasons to Day Trip to Dragør From Copenhagen”