Lykke: Why Are the Danes So “Happy”?

For such a small country, Denmark has made a sizeable impact on the world. Beyond your favourite childhood toy, the nation has also received envious gazes for regularly featuring at or near the top of the World Happiness Index. What does that mean, though? Does everyone walk around with huge grins from cheek to cheek?Continue reading “Lykke: Why Are the Danes So “Happy”?”

10 Unique Danish Phrases

Danish is closely-related to English and, like its Germanic counterpart, has various phrases and sayings that are not taught in textbooks. The ones that make no sense, but at the same time make complete sense. You know, like going bananas and being on the ball.  Just as fluent English speakers from other countries often don’tContinue reading “10 Unique Danish Phrases”

10 Facts About Cycling in Copenhagen

Recently, I started cycling regularly in Copenhagen. And even though I’m sure 90% of the city wanted to drop kick me for my lack of common sense in the first week, things have been pretty enjoyable so far. Cycling in Copenhagen is a breeze, and that’s not just because of the fresh wind that willContinue reading “10 Facts About Cycling in Copenhagen”