Is Copenhagen Difficult to Settle In? 3 Tips to Make Things Easier

Details from an InterNations Expat City Ranking survey published in November 2020 revealed that Copenhagen ranked as the fourth worst city in the world for an expat to settle in. And many people moving from other parts of the world have similar complaints: making friends is difficult, and the cost of living is high. TheContinue reading “Is Copenhagen Difficult to Settle In? 3 Tips to Make Things Easier”

Is Living in Copenhagen Expensive? 6 Ways to Save Money

If you’ve done any bit of research about Copenhagen, you’ll probably have seen numerous articles and answers to Quora questions talking about how expensive this city is.  I don’t find living in Copenhagen *that* expensive. But I also grew up in London, so that’s hardly the best barometer to go by.  While Copenhagen’s cost ofContinue reading “Is Living in Copenhagen Expensive? 6 Ways to Save Money”

The 10 Best Photo Spots in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a photographer’s dream. Diverse architecture, eye-catching waterways, and laid-back locals all contribute to this. When visiting (or moving to) the Danish capital, it helps to know the best spots for images so you can wow your friends and family. And with that in mind, here are Copenhagen’s 10 most photogenic spots. Note: TheseContinue reading “The 10 Best Photo Spots in Copenhagen”

Why Did Copenhagen Win Monocle’s Quality of Life Survey?

A regular fixture at the top of liveable city indexes, Copenhagen once again flexed its muscles in this area by topping the 2021 Monocle Quality of Life Survey.  The Danish capital is a source of inspiration for many cities around the world. And it’s not hard to see why because it does so many thingsContinue reading “Why Did Copenhagen Win Monocle’s Quality of Life Survey?”

24 Hours in Copenhagen: The Ultimate Quick Guide

So, you’ve decided to come and spend 24 hours in Copenhagen?  Bad idea. You should have stayed for longer.  Don’t worry, though. We can still make sure you get the most out of your limited time in this beautiful city so that by the time you’re on the way home, you’re already saving to return. Continue reading “24 Hours in Copenhagen: The Ultimate Quick Guide”

9 Things You Must Not Do When Cycling in Copenhagen

Copenhagen’s cycling infrastructure is the perfect example of urban planning done well. Getting around on two wheels here is affordable, safe, and often the easiest way to explore the city or get from point A to B.  While most people in the Danish capital are competent cyclists, you’ll also run into a fair share ofContinue reading “9 Things You Must Not Do When Cycling in Copenhagen”

5 of the Best Danish Day Trips From Copenhagen

As much as I love living in Copenhagen, sometimes I just want to escape the city for a little bit. Only for a day or so, though; after that, I begin to miss it. For the first nine months or so after moving to Copenhagen, the pandemic confined me to travelling almost exclusively within Denmark.Continue reading “5 of the Best Danish Day Trips From Copenhagen”

5 Things I Learned From My First Full Scandinavian Winter

Right – so this year, I experienced my first full winter living in Scandinavia. Let’s just say that doing so amid a lockdown was an interesting experience, to say the least. When I first moved to Copenhagen, I expected winters to be similar to the UK. And in some ways, it was – but onContinue reading “5 Things I Learned From My First Full Scandinavian Winter”

5 Mobile Apps to Download When You Move to Copenhagen

Even if you’ve visited before, the process of moving to Copenhagen can take a while. Luckily, though, Denmark is pretty advanced in a digital sense. And coinciding with this, there are plenty of mobile apps to make settling in easier.  You’ll need to access many of the services you need in the capital online. ButContinue reading “5 Mobile Apps to Download When You Move to Copenhagen”

Hiking the Amarminoen Route in Copenhagen

In October 2020, a new hiking route called Amarminoen was opened in Copenhagen. I would say that it’s popular amongst locals and visitors alike, but there are no visitors right now. Because, you know, the 2020s.  The hike is located on the island of Amager. And I’m going to be honest – before moving here,Continue reading “Hiking the Amarminoen Route in Copenhagen”