20 Cool Places to Visit in Denmark Outside of Copenhagen

Whenever you think of Denmark, Copenhagen is likely the first — and sometimes only — city that springs to mind. And as dynamic as the country’s capital is, this small Northern European gem has a lot to offer elsewhere. If you’re moving to Copenhagen, getting out and checking each of these is an absolute must.Continue reading “20 Cool Places to Visit in Denmark Outside of Copenhagen”

Is Malmö Worth Visiting? 6 Reasons to Visit Sweden’s Third-Biggest City

Malmö is a popular day trip from Copenhagen for locals and visitors alike. And besides less expensive consumer products, Sweden’s third-largest city offers a lot to those who venture across the Øresund Bridge.  A stone’s throw away from Denmark’s largest city, Malmö feels worlds away from Copenhagen.  The city’s stock increased with its inclusion in TheContinue reading “Is Malmö Worth Visiting? 6 Reasons to Visit Sweden’s Third-Biggest City”

5 Things I Learned From My First Full Scandinavian Winter

Right – so this year, I experienced my first full winter living in Scandinavia. Let’s just say that doing so amid a lockdown was an interesting experience, to say the least. When I first moved to Copenhagen, I expected winters to be similar to the UK. And in some ways, it was – but onContinue reading “5 Things I Learned From My First Full Scandinavian Winter”

Lykke: Why Are the Danes So “Happy”?

For such a small country, Denmark has made a sizeable impact on the world. Beyond your favourite childhood toy, the nation has also received envious gazes for regularly featuring at or near the top of the World Happiness Index. What does that mean, though? Does everyone walk around with huge grins from cheek to cheek?Continue reading “Lykke: Why Are the Danes So “Happy”?”

5 Mobile Apps to Download When You Move to Copenhagen

Even if you’ve visited before, the process of moving to Copenhagen can take a while. Luckily, though, Denmark is pretty advanced in a digital sense. And coinciding with this, there are plenty of mobile apps to make settling in easier.  You’ll need to access many of the services you need in the capital online. ButContinue reading “5 Mobile Apps to Download When You Move to Copenhagen”

10 Facts About Cycling in Copenhagen

Recently, I started cycling regularly in Copenhagen. And even though I’m sure 90% of the city wanted to drop kick me for my lack of common sense in the first week, things have been pretty enjoyable so far. Cycling in Copenhagen is a breeze, and that’s not just because of the fresh wind that willContinue reading “10 Facts About Cycling in Copenhagen”